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Halo makes you steal money

December 17, 2007


By age 24, she had been married, given birth to a son, gotten a divorce, filed for bankruptcy and tried to make extra cash as a model. By age 22, he had played plenty of the computer game Halo, and found a job at an armored car company.

As a couple, they lived a quiet life in the upstairs of an 80-year-old brick house with giant, gnarled sycamores in the front yard.

They also loved to play Dungeons & Dragons, and now they’re accused of a plot as far outside the realm of their ordinary lives as that fantasy role-playing game.

Federal prosecutors say Nicole Boyd, boyfriend Roger Lee Dillon, and his mom, Sharon Lee Gregory — none of whom had a criminal record — stole $7.4 million in cash and checks from Armored Transportation Systems in nearby Liberty where he had worked as a driver for about nine months.

What the hell does playing Halo or liking D&D have to do with stealing money?  Oh yeah, videogames make people do all kinds of crimes.  And Dungeons and Dragons, well that’s been a staple media target since the 70’s, long before videogames became the new evil.


If I could have one talent…

December 7, 2007

… it would be the ability to draw like this, by Amy Mebberson. Stuff like this always amazes me.

Doctor Who Girls

You can see a big wallpaper version by clicking the picture above. And check out her other work… it’s really good.

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Speed Racer Movie Trailer

December 7, 2007

We’re big Speed Racer fans at our house.  I loved it as a kid, and now my kids love it (they insisted on watching it last night).  I’m not sure how I feel about the new live-action movie.  In some ways it looks like they’ve gotten things right.  The characters look right, the car sounds look right… I’m just not sure I like the ‘Speed Racer meets Cat in the Hat’ visuals.  Here’s the first trailer… see for yourself.  It’s coming out this summer.


The Sad Side of Social Networks

December 3, 2007

A small suburb of St. Louis has been making national headlines the last few weeks, regarding a teenager who committed suicide after being emotionally harassed on MySpace.  The story goes something like this: 

A 13-year-old named Megan wanted a MySpace page.  All the kids are doing it, dontchaknow.  Now she had some emotional issues, and had even previously attempted suicide.  But her mother allowed her to have the page, which she monitored closely.  All seemed well.  Then Megan met a 16-year-old boy on MySpace named Josh. 

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