2008 Microsoft E3 Press Conference Thoughts

July 14, 2008

Just watched the Microsoft E3 Press conference.  Here’s some random thoughts:

Fall Out 3 looks really fun.  Exclusive 360 DLC.

Resident Evil 5 co-op confirmed!  And it looks good.  Although they are using that same drab-looking brown gray color palette that Gears of War uses.  Not until March ’09 though.

Fable 2 looks great.  More co-op!  And they have color!  October 2008.

Gears of War 2 looks like more of the same.  Not that more is bad.  I hope it lasts longer than 6 hours this time.

The new dashboard looks like the PS3 crossmedia bar on it’s side.  How funny.  Microsoft innovates again!

Speaking of… avatars?  Didn’t Nintendo do that already?  Ever heard of Mii’s??  I wonder if the “hardcores” who made fun of Mii’s when the Nintendo Wii was released are suddenly going to love avatars.

Xbox Live Primetime??  A game show channel??  Are people really clamoring to play game shows?  It looks like they took a bunch of shovelware, added Mii’s … er, sorry, avatars, and made it all prominent on their dashboard.

The NetFlix partnership looks promising.  Rent movies from NetFlix and stream them right to the 360?  Sounds good.  And the new party system means you can watch a movie with someone who is not in the same room as you.

New Uno game… cool!  More Geometry Wars…. meh.  Galaga sequel… looks overly busy.

Portal: Still Alive!!  I think I died and went to heaven.

You’re In The Movies just looks stupid.

Lips.  Karaoke.  Looks ok.

Guitar Hero World Tour… Rock Band… blah blah… nothing major there.

Infinite Undiscovery… stupid name.  Star Ocean: The Last Hope…. like me some Star Ocean.  Neither had footage.  The Last Remnant did, but it was short.

Final Fantasy XIII on the 360… sweet!  I really liked FF XII.  I should finish it.  G4 had a totally crappy camera angle on the trailer though.  “At the request of Microsoft” it says on the bottom of the screen.

No new rumored motion-sensitive controller.

Well, that’s about it.  Nintendo and Sony tomorrow.


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