CAG Fund for Child’s Play 2008 Charity Raffle Extravaganza!

December 3, 2008


It’s time once again for the Child’s Play charity fundraiser.  As I mentioned last year, the Child’s Play charity raises money to buy toys, games and books for sick kids in children’s hospitals across North America and the world.  As a parent of a child who spent several years recieving treatment at one such hospital, such charities are near and dear to my heart.  I even have Child’s Play and a few similar charities listed in the right column of my site year-round.

I’d highly recommend that if you have a few bucks to spare this holiday season and want to give to something worthwhile, you consider Child’s Play.  As an added bonus, if you donate through Cheapassgamer.com, you can be entered into a giant raffle.  According to the site:

For every $5 donated via PayPal through the CAG ChipIn system, you will receive one entry into a raffle with great prizes such as a $500 Amazon Gift Certificate, Xbox 360 console mega bundle w/50+ games, and much more!

I donated through Cheapassgamer.com last year, and the site raised $27,000 for Child’s Play.  The money donated via PayPal from their site goes directly to the charity.  I upped my donation from last year.  Please consider giving this holiday season.



  1. […] swing, with the total surpassing the million dollar mark!  I hope a few dollars came to them from my mention of the Cheapassgamer chipin program a few weeks ago.  The folks at Penny Arcade announced this […]

  2. […] wanted to give an quick update for the Child’s Play Charity fundraising efforts I promoted several times on my blog towards the end of last year.  Their grand total this year was $1,434,377!  A […]

  3. […] like this and I highly encourage everyone to donate to this worthy cause.  Last year I promoted the CAG raffle as a way to donate to Child’s Play, and donated myself, and I won an Xbox 360 […]

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