Zark’s Most Anticipated PS3 Games of 2009

January 22, 2009


The PS3 is faring slightly better so far this year than the Xbox in terms of exclusives.  Will this be the year of the PS3?  Here’s my list of most anticipated PS3 games of 2009.

God of War III
Will this be the God of War that I actually finish? The previous ones are good, but hopefully this one will bring something new to the table.

Heavy Rain
A dark film noir thriller with mature themes.  That’s actually about as much as is known about it to date, outside of some impressive tech demos.  From the studio that made Omikron and Fahrenheit.

Open world sandbox superhero-ish game from the makers of Sly Cooper.

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
The just recently announced sequel to Uncharted.  I played the demo of the original and wasn’t overly impressed, but some demos are not very representative of the whole game.  I’d like to give the original a try if I can ever find it cheap (how about making it a Greatest Hits, Sony??), and if I like it, then I’m sure I’ll get the sequel, as I did by playing Resistance.

White Knight Chronicles
3rd person console RPG from Level-5, who made Professor Layton and Rogue Galaxy.

Honorable mention goes to Fat Princess, which i probably won’t pick up unless cajoled to do so by online buddies.

The next post will be multiplatform, and there are more games on that list that my lists for the Xbox and PS3 combined.  Stay tuned!

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