February 3, 2009

Probably the most surprising thing to me about gaming these days is the reaction of the gaming media and some gamers themselves to the Nintendo Wii.  I’ve posted about it before.  I don’t understand the negativity.  Sure, the Wii has its shortcomings, just like any other console.  But I see plenty to like about the Wii, and Nintendo’s success in this generation as a positive for the industry as a whole.

Andrew Adam has a guest piece over at Infendo.com called “Let’s WiiLove, Not WiiHate.”  Andrew summarizes my thoughts on the topic very well.

Internet communities tick me off sometimes.  No matter if I am on the Nsider2 forums, surfing internet gaming sites, or listening to podcasts, it’s easy to hear a lot of bashing of the Wii.  “I’m bored with my Wii.”  “The Wii has no good games.”  “The casual players are killing video games.”

Really people? I don’t quite understand all the complaining. Does no one remember the last two generations of Nintendo consoles? We have entered the second glory age of Nintendo reigning on top, and all people can do is gripe.

He goes on to counter all the bashing he mentions with some well-reasoned arguments.  Check out the whole article over at Infendo.com.

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