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Britain’s Got Talent 2009 Final Results

May 31, 2009

Papercraft Friday #43: Totakeke “K.K. Slider”

May 29, 2009

AC KKI couldn’t decide last week whether to pick this model or the fishing girl for my Animal Crossing papercraft, so I decided just to do both.  In Animal Crossing: City Folk, head on over to The Roost after 8 p.m. Saturday night, and K.K. will play you a song.  Afterwards he’ll give you boot of the song, because you know he won’t put a price on it like those industry fat cats.  His music just wants to be free.

The character’s name in Japanese, Totakeke, is a reference to Japanese music composer and voice actor Kazumi Totaka, who has composed music for many of Nintendo’s popular games such as Animal Crossing, Mario Paint, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and others.

Thanks to for in lined and lineless versions.


Trek Tuesday #1: The Man Trap

May 26, 2009


Original Airdate:  9/08/66
Starting Stardate:  1513.1


The Enterprise stops by M-1113 for a routine medical inspection of an archeologist and his wife (an old flame of McCoy) and are threatened by a shape-shifting alien that craves salt.


  • Rigley’s Pleasure Planet…need to go there some time
  • Starship surgeon?
  • Everyone is very sweaty
  • Vulcan has no moon?
  • Why could no one could figure out Sulu (George Takei) was gay?  He was in the botany section of the life sciences department “gardening”.
  • Love the “hand” plant, Boregart.
  • What does it mean to go “space happy”?
  • McCoy 3F 127
  • Sulu calls for a medical team then heads over to the body to “feel” the strange facial modeling.  No fear of contagion, I suppose.
  • McCoy(Nancy) pushes a button to open the doors to McCoy’s quarters.
  • Phasers on stun make a “pew pew” noise that sounds a lot like a bullet ricochet.
  • Crater is “stunned”…and when they interrogate him…his voice is “slowed” down to show he’s stunned.  Hillarious.
  • So many iconic Trek things are present, right from the start: phasers, teleporters, communicators, vulcan green blood.
  • Good mix of futuristic ship and alien planet for the first aired episode.
  • Nancy starts out with a changing appearance depending on who was looking at her.  McCoy, Kirk, and Darnell are all looking at her at the same time and seeing her differently.  After that, though, she actually physically changes shape, so much so that the she’s able to fool the teleporter when she changed into Green.  Odd to switch premise midstream… the first concept was more interesting.
  • Maybe we’re more keen on these things now than back then, but how the teleporter determines who to beam up is a bit of a mystery.  One time, three to beam up meant Kirk, McCoy and the dead Darnell.  Later, three to beam up meant the three live beings there, Kirk, McCoy and the fake Green, and not the dead Sturgeon.


Super document, report and databank researcher.  He would be a modern day Google’ing Guru.


13:25:  “How you lost love affects your vision, Doctor, doesn’t interest me.  I’ve lost a man!”
17:30:  “I don’t like mysteries.  They give me a belly ache and I’ve got a beauty right now.”
20:34:  “You could learn something from Mr. Spock, Doctor.  Stop thinking with your glands.”
45:20:  “The creature…it kills…it needs salt to live…Bones, move aside!”


Crewman Darnell: “Dead by violence”…is there any other kind of death by unnatural causes? lol
Crewman Green
Crewman Sturgeon
Crewman Barnhart


He’s dead, Jim:  2


Zark:  It’s a pretty good opening episode.  You are definitely thrown right into the program.  No lengthy setup of how things came to be as they are.  Very sci-fi with shape-changing alien beings and so forth.  McCoy’s disbelieving reactions played out a bit too long, but otherwise the story was good.  A lot of good characterization too: Uhrua’s conversation with Spock, Sulu and Rand in his quarters, Kirk ribbing McCoy.  Decent start.

Justin:  A solid start to the series.  This episode is packed with examples of each character’s major personality traits.  Kirk is clearly in “command”, McCoy is clearly the emotional one and Spock is, not so clearly at times, the emotionless one.  Plenty of red shirts bite it in this one too which is another essential Star Trek: The Original Series building block trait.

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Coming Soon: Trek Tuesday

May 24, 2009

treklogoSo I’ve been thinking of adding two new features to the blog, similar in nature.  The first of these is what I’m going to call Trek Tuesday.

The new movie has gotten me in the mood to watch some Star Trek, and the week the movie came out, the Blu-ray set of the first season of the original series came out, and the new versions look gorgeous.    So to “force” me to watch them, I’m going to try to watch one each week in airdate order, and upload my impressions on Trek Tuesday.

I’m not going to spend a lot of time recapping the story.  I’m not much of a nitpicker, either… I don’t usually notice if someone’s tricorder switches from their left hand to their right hand, and I don’t really care.  I’m sure there are a million websites that outline all that stuff in great detail.  Instead I’m going to do a couple of quick sections: “Stats” section, a “Story” section with a one sentence description of the story, a “Stunned” section detailing what I liked, a “Killed” section on what I wasn’t so crazy about, and a “Final Thoughts” section to recap.  I’m going to do one episode a week, which should be manageable with my schedule and something I should be able to keep up with.

All the episodes are available to view on YouTube (not the new Enhanced versions), and I’ll be embedding them into each post. I’d love for anyone interested in doing the same to follow along each week and leave your comments!  Stay tuned Tuesday for “The Man Trap.”


Movie Impressions: Star Trek

May 23, 2009

StartrekposterWell, in feat that’s probably never again to be repeated, I went with my brother G and my friends Craig and Justin to see a movie.  We went to the first showing of Star Trek at the local IMAX theater.  To gauge where I’m coming from regarding Star Trek, let me say that I would consider myself a fan of the franchise, but not to the point of being a Trekker or anything.  I watched the original series in syndication and when they ran remastered versions on the SciFi Channel years ago and watched them and recorded them on videotape.  I also bought the first DVD set.

I faithfully watched Star Trek: The Next Generation when it aired, and bought the DVD set.  I watched a lot of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, but wasn’t as interested in it as ST:TNG.  I probably saw half of Star Trek: Voyager.  Star Trek: Enterprise was more interesting and I’ve watched probably 80% and bought the DVD set of those.  With regards to movies, I know for sure I saw from Star Trek 3 onwards in movie theaters.  I don’t recall if I saw Star Trek 2 in a theater or not.  I went on my first date with my (now) wife to see Star Trek 4.  And needless to say I’ve seen them all, some multiple times.  I have them all on DVD.

So in general I’m pretty familiar with the franchise.  I’d say of the 4 of us that went to the new movie, we had Justin (Star Trek nut), Craig (hardcore viewer), myself (more than casual), and my brother (very knowledgeable and DS9 devotee).  The crowd, of course, was full of fans waiting to see the first showing.  So how did the movie fare?  Will the franchise live long and prosper?  (Spoilers abound, so read at your own risk.)

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Papercraft Friday #42: Animal Crossing Girl

May 22, 2009

AC GirlI played Animal Crossing on the Gamecube almost every day for over a year, and found it really enjoyable.  Some time after quitting that, Animal Crossing: Wild World came out for the Nintendo DS.  I played it for awhile.  In sort of a Catch-22, though, I don’t tend to play portable games at home when I can be doing something else, and I don’t really do things outside of the house that would allow for some portable playing (like a train commute or something), so I don’t get as much portable gaming in as I’d like.  Consequently, didn’t really keep up with AC:WW.

Of course I bought Animal Crossing: City Folk when it was released, and played a little of it.  I was (still am) rather disappointed that Nintendo has not really evolved the series much.  There’s so much you could do with it.  So I played for a few days and stopped.  Then my brother got it and started playing it, and he and his family really got into it, and there talk about it slowly sucked me in to the point where I’m playing it quite a lot.  Gotta get that perfect town!

So when thinking about which papercraft to feature this week, and with Animal Crossing still on the brain, I remembered seeing this one of an Animal Crossing girl character fishing.  If anyone knows what the sign says, let me know!


Book Impressions: The Talisman by Stephen King & Peter Straub

May 20, 2009

talismanUpon hearing of upcoming adaptations of The Talisman by Stephen King & Peter Straub, I decided that it might be a good time to read the novel, before those adaptations hit.  The Talisman was published in 1984 and is the story of 12-year-old Jack Sawyer, and his cross-country journey to find an object that might cure his ailing mother of the cancer she is dying of.  But of course, this is King and Straub we’re talking about, so you have to throw in a good mix of parallel worlds you can “flip” to where your “twinner” might exist, and werewolves and maniacal preachers and … well, all manner of things you might expect from those two authors. 


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