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LEGO Arcade

June 30, 2009

Papercraft Friday #47: Macross Zentraedi Battlepod

June 26, 2009

macrossbattlepodWhen pursuing DPileggi’s papercrafts last week after choosing last week’s model, I saw this little number and knew I had to pick it.  It’s a Regult Class Zentraedi Battlepod from the anime Super Dimension Fortress Macross, a.k.a Robotech in the U.S.  Ah… fond memories.  You can download it from DPileggi’s website.  It’d go great with the VF-1S Valkyrie from Papercraft Friday #34.


Life Size LEGO Car

June 26, 2009

A life size LEGO car! on TwitPic

Courtesy of Natalie Sousa (@nataliesousa).

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Movie Impressions: The Hangover

June 20, 2009

the_hangover_movie_posterWhen you’re vacationing in a town with a 3-screen movie theater, your selection of movies to see with da wifey on a night out on the town is pretty limited.  This week our choices were:  Up which we are seeing with the kids in a few days), Imagine That (which also would be a shame to see without the chillins), and The Hangover.  So off we went to the evening showing of The Hangover.

I see so few movies each year in the theaters that I’d probably never pick a movie in the style of The Hangover over other genres, but I checked out the trailer online before we went, and it looked pretty funny.  So we grabbed some popcorn (Reel Mountain Theater has one of the best concession stands I’ve ever seen – soooo much to choose from) and settled in for some laughs.

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Papercraft Friday #46: Star Wars Trade Federation Battle Droid

June 19, 2009

droid1As you can imagine, there are a ton of different Star Wars paper models on the internet.  I’ve seen many of them, but I’m always on the lookout for things that are unique, not just your standard Death Star or R2-D2.  DPileggi has some very interesting models, including this week’s pick, the Star Wars Trade Federation Battle Droid.  I think it’s fun because it’s both detailed and very very skinny.  Head on over to DPileggi’s site to download it.


Trek Tuesday #4: The Naked Time

June 16, 2009


Original Airdate:  9/29/66
Starting Stardate:  1704.2


The crew of the Enterprise becomes infected one-by-one by a strange affliction that breaks down their inhibitions and ultimately threatens to destroy the ship as the crew loses control.


  • Spray snow!
  • Nice safety-orange “biohazard” suits
  • Kirk is playing with some more wooden 3.5″ floppy discs
  • Nurse Chappel!  yay!
  • Spaaaaaace Maaaaaadness
  • Wow…you can make food with those wooden 3.5″ floppy discs
  • Hmm…space food looks like colored tofu.  What can you expect from wooden floppy discs?
  • Ha!  “You’re all steamed up, Joe”
  • I guess Joe fell on some coffee that stained his uniform?  Certainly didn’t look like blood.
  • If they suspected that Joe had the disease…and it was contagious, why did they let both men (Sulu and other dude) roam freely…and even resume their post on the bridge?
  • There really is a good use of sound to convey something you can’t see
  • Hmm…McCoy used a dust buster to stitch Joe up
  • Sweating like a Bride Groom?
  • Again…I repeat…they couldn’t figure out Sulu was gay even with the waxed chest?
  • It’s seem really really easy to take over the Enterprise by simply locking yourself into Main Engineering.
  • I take that back.  Apparently it’s really really really easy to take back control with magnetic lego blocks placed carefully in a Jefferies Tube.
  • Kirk and Spock weren’t affected on the bridge when they subdued Sulu?
  • Love Mankind.  Oh…the irony
  • Spock loses control of his emotions… how often will this happen
  • So…being drunk for Spock is like watching “Beaches”?
  • I can relate to Spock’s emotional meltdown…cause I felt the same way when I did my math homework too.
  • Wow…that’s one nasty hangover medicine
  • Kirk is bleeding out of the wrong side of his mouth
  • I can’t stop laughing…  McCoy rips Kirk’s uniform…to…give him a…hypo…BAHAHAHA!
  • Apparently Spock didn’t need any medicine.  Just a good slap.
  • A cold start of the engines apparently produces some wicked loud noises.
  • Hmm…the clocks are soooo advanced…they are keyed into the universal constant of time, so much so that they go backward when the ship goes backward in time.  Woooooah!
  • Lets…do….the….Time…Warp…AGAAAAAAAAAIIIIN!
  • They go back in time, but it doesn’t mean anything (this time)


  • Earth History Expert
  • Random Crewmember Background Information Expert


18:06:  “Bones, I want the impossible checked out too!”
26:44:  “Is there any way or anything you can do to snap him out of it?”
40:16 – 43:33:  Too much to transcribe.  Shatner over-acting at it’s finest!


Joe Tormolen


He’s Dead Jim – 1


Zark: I can’t help now relating this episode to The Naked Now on Star Trek: The Next Generation.  But I really like this episode…. my favorite so far.  Creative, fun, moves at a good pace.

Justin:  Well, this was a good one.  It had just about everything.  Classic Shatner over-acting, character development for some of the minor characters and gave us our first rather healthy dose of Star Trek techno-babble.  However, the most important part was the introduction of the classic “time travel” plot device that will be used for generations of Star Trek episodes and movies to come!

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Book Impressions: UR by Stephen King

June 13, 2009

urThe very first book I bought for my Kindle 2 was Ur by Stephen King.  It is currently a Kindle exclusive, and being a sucker for all things King (a Constant Reader, if you will), I just had to pick it up.

The story revolves around college English professor Wesley Smith, who was chided by his former love as to why he can’t just “read off the computer like the rest of us.”  He orders a Kindle from Amazon, and is surprised when a pink one arrives overnight.  He soon discovers that not only can he download books from Amazon, but books from different Urs, alternate realities past and future.  When he discovers that he can also download newspapers that way…

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