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Papercraft Friday #65: Halloween Night

October 30, 2009


Canon Creative Park is an excellent place to go for Halloween papercraft.  Last year I posted their awesome Jack-o’-lantern Family.  This year brings another one from Canon, Halloween Night.  The model comes in A4 and Letter paper sizes, and is a fun addition to the Halloween paper model collection.


NASA’s Ares 1-X Rocket Flight Test Successful

October 28, 2009

Congrats to NASA on today’s successful flight test of the Ares 1-X rocket.  It was the first new vehicle to rise from Launch Pad 39B at Kennedy Space Center in over 25 years.  It’s a test version of the rocket designed to carry a 4 to 6-person crew capsule called Orion into space.  Hopefully this successful launch will spur Congress and the White House to provide further funding.


Game Impressions: Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune

October 28, 2009



Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune is one of those games everyone said I should have played, but I never did.  I got my PlayStation 3 at roughly same time that Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune came out from developer Naughty Dog, but given that the console had been out for a year or more, I felt that there were plenty of games to choose from, and that I could probably pick up some things on sale rather than a brand new $60 game.  Plus, IMO it had the misfortune of having a lousy demo.

I had heard that it was a Tomb Raider-esque game, and downloaded the demo with those expectations.  But the demo starts you off just after the plane crash (Chapter 4), and aside from one or two platforms to jump across, all you do the entire demo is shoot at people.  No puzzle elements, very little platforming elements.  Just shoot, shoot, shoot.  My initial thoughts were “well, his pants do look wet when he walks through water, but aside from that, what’s the big deal?”

As the release of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves approached this month, I began to think more about the original.  High praise was starting to come in on the sequel.  Some people I talked to kept telling me that I was crazy not to have played the first game, and that the demo was not very representative of the whole game.  So I picked it up two weeks ago at the buy two get one free sale at Toys R Us, and finished it this week.  So was it worth it after all?

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Commodore 64 Mousepad

October 27, 2009


Just replaced my old nasty mousepad with this one.  Makes me want to Load “*”,8,1.


APPraisal: Rock Band

October 26, 2009


Appy Rockin’ Monday!  I’m a fan of Rock Band on the Xbox 360.  I own Rock Band, Rock Band 2 and The Beatles: Rock Band on that platform.  So an official Rock Band app for the iPhone / iPod Touch immediately peaked my curiosity.

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Blast From The Past: HBO Intro

October 25, 2009

I was watching True Blood on DVD and this popped into my mind right before the start of an episode.  Gotta love it.


Book Impressions: A Clash of Kings by George R.R. Martin

October 24, 2009


I jumped right from A Game of Thrones to A Clash of Kings, Book 2 of “A Song of Ice and Fire” by George R.R. Martin.  Once again I listened to the unabridged 36+ hour audiobook read masterfully by Roy Dotrice.  The book unapologetically picks up right where the first book left off, with very little in the way of recap. What else would happen to the Starks, the Lannisters?  How would Daenerys and her newborn dragons play a part?  Or John Snow up in the frozen north?  Most improtantly…

…is it a worthly continuation of the series?

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