Audio Dramas in 2010

December 30, 2010

It’s time to start the year in review.  In previous years I listed my books read that year, and I still intend to do that this year. The list will be quite a bit shorter this year, though, because I made the decision at the beginning of 2010 not to listen to any audiobooks. I even canceled my Aubible subscription. Why? Well for years I’ve been buying audio dramas, mainly from Big Finish and primarily Doctor Who related. But I never listened to many of them because most of my spare “listening” time was taken up with audiobooks. So I decided to take a year and see how many audio dramas I could get through.  How did I do?

Doctor Who Monthly Series
#133 City of Spires
#134 Wreck of the Titan
#135 Legend of the Cybermen
#136 Cobwebs
#137 The Whispering Forest
#138 The Cradle of the Snake

Doctor Who: The Companion Chronicles
5.02 Echoes of Grey
5.03 Find and Replace
5.04 The Invasion of E-Space

Doctor Who: The Lost Stories
1.01 The Nightmare Fair
1.02 Mission To Magnus
1.03 Leviathon
1.04 The Hollows of Time
1.05 Paradise 5
1.06 Point of Entry
1.07 The Song of Megaptera
1.08 The Macros
2.01 The 1st Doctor Box Set (Farewell Great Macedon and The Fragile Yellow Arc of Fragrance)

Doctor Who: The Eighth Doctor Adventures
1.1 Blood of the Daleks Part 1
1.2 Blood of the Daleks Part 2
1.3 Horror of Glam Rock
1.4 Immortal Beloved
1.5 Phobos
1.6 No More Lies
1.7 Human Resources Part 1
1.8 Human Resources Part 2
2.1 Dead London
2.2 Max Warp
2.3 Brave New Town
2.4 The Skull of Sobek
2.5 Grand Theft Cosmos
2.6 The Zygon Who Fell To Earth
2.7 Sisters of the Flame
2.8 Vengence of Morbius
3.1 Orbis
3.2 Hothouse
3.3 The Beast of Orlok
3.4 Wirrn Dawn
3.5 The Scapegoat
3.6 The Cannibalists
3.7 The Eight Truths
3.8 Worldwide Web
4.01 Death in Blackpool
4.02 Situation Vacant
4.03 Nevermore
4.04 The Book of Kells

Doctor Who Special Releases
VIII An Earthly Child

Doctor Who: The Stage Plays
1 The Ultimate Adventure
2 The Seven Keys To Doomsday
3 The Curse of the Daleks

Doctor Who Television Soundtracks
004 Marco Polo

Doctor Who: Hornets’ Nest
1 The Stuff of Nightmares
2 The Dead Shoes
3 The Circus of Doom
4 A Sting in the Tale
5 Hive of Horror

Doctor Who: Demon Quest
1 The Relics of Time
2 The Demon of Paris

1.01 The Lesson
1.02 Love and Hate
1.03 The Secret of the Sword
1.04 Kurgan Rising

That’s 63 stories in 52 weeks.  Not bad, considering that the only thing I listened to outside of the car is Marco Polo.  You would think my commute was longer than 10 minutes each way!  I’m to the point where I’m caught up and keeping up with The Lost Stories, The Eighth Doctor Adventures, and the Tom Baker specials.  I’m trying to do the same with the Monthly Series range, though I purposely skipped the last few with Hex since I never listened to any of his previous stories.

So what will 2011 bring?  Will I go back to audiobooks?  I haven’t decided.  I’d like to keep my momentum on the Doctor Who stories, maybe using any extra time to go back to the older Monthly Series (originally stopped around #35) or the Bernice Summerfield series (originally stopped around 3.2).  Yet there are some book series I’d like to continue on audio with, such as The Wheel of Time series and A Song of Ice and Fire series.  I’m two books into each, and I think my brain would not cope well with seeing all the made up fantasy words and names that I’ve only ever heard before and not actually seen written.  But those books are long and would take upwards of two months each for me to listen to, which would put me behind on the audio dramas again.

Such decisions… only time will tell!


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