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Game Impressions: Mass Effect 2

March 24, 2010


I remember the gaming Fall of 2007 very well.  Bioshock came out on August 21st.    Metroid Prime 3: Corruption came out on August 27th.   Halo 3 came out September 25th.  The Orange Box came out on October 7th.  Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare came out November 5th.  The first Assassin’s Creed came out November 16th.  Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune came out on November 19th.  Finally, on the same day as the original Rock Band came out, Bioware’s Mass Effect came out on November 20th.  In the span of exactly 3 months, 9 blockbuster titles came out.  It’s enough to make a gamer shout for joy and sob on his joystick all at the same time.

Of those titles, a few had a big effect on me.  I named Portal my Game of the Year, followed closely by Bioshock at #2.  Mass Effect was #7 in my Top 10.   While that might not seem high on my list, a quick look at my achievements shows that I started the game on November 21st, 2007 and completed it on December 5, 2007.  It doesn’t appear by the achievements that I played every day, but in that 15 day span I visited every planet, completed every side quest, and finished the game in just over 40 hours of gameplay.  Given the number of games I buy and never play, or start and never get far into, the fact that I spent 40 hours in 2 weeks on Mass Effect during that crowded Fall season says something about how much I enjoyed the game.

Still, I didn’t really wait with bated breath for Mass Effect 2.  In fact, as soon as it was announced that it would be coming in January, after the holiday release season, I sort of put it out of my mind.  When January came, I saw it on the list of upcoming titles, and it came back to the forefront of my consciousness.  I started reading Mass Effect: Ascension.  I played Mass Effect Galaxy.  I got the first issue of the Mass Effect: Redemption comic.  And I pre-ordered Mass Effect 2 from, with free shipping.  As the date approached, my anticipation rose and rose, until I regretted that free shipping option I picked.

Thankfully, my game arrived the day after release, and I fired it up that evening.  So do I think Mass Effect 2 is a worthy successor to the original Mass Effect?  Was my heightened anticipation rewarded?

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Commala Come-Come…

October 19, 2009

…The Journey’s Not Yet Done

Discordia has been teasing something to be coming in November called The Dark Tower Project.  Today they released “the opening credits” trailer, which says to “Come and Play 11.30.09”.  Looks to me to be some type of interactive web game.  The announcement comes from and Metro Digital Media Artists (Metro DMA), who did the website, among many other things.  It also said it’s directed by Robin Furth, who in addition to being King’s personal research assistant, is the author of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower: The Complete Concordance, and who has plotted the excellent Dark Tower comic series.  Click the photo above to go to the site and watch the video.


Papercraft Friday #39: Wolverine

May 1, 2009


Ok, so you probably saw through where I was headed with the mini-theme of superhero papercraft the past few weeks.  X-Men Origins: Wolverine is released today in movie theaters, so what better time than to continue getting your Wolverine fix with some paper modelling.  BlueDragon, author of last week’s spotlight model Captain America, comes through again with a nice Wolverine model.  According to BlueDragon, it’s more difficult than Captain America, but it looks great.  Enjoy the movie and the model.


Papercraft Friday #38: Captain America

April 24, 2009


Continuing with our mini-theme of superhero papercraft, this week we have BlueDragon’s very nice model of Captain America on his website Action Papercrafts.  It looks very nice and is not overly complicated to build.  The model is in Pepakura format and comes with a separate file for optional parts and a stand.


Papercraft Friday #37: Spider-Man

April 17, 2009


Wonder Twin powers, activate!  Err, I mean, superhero fans, unite!  It’s time for a series of superhero paper models!  This week we’ll kick it off with Spider-Man, which I found in these forums.  The model link is buried down the page, or you can click here.

(How cool would a Wonder Twins model be!  I wonder what form and shape they would take?)

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This is sooo me…

January 12, 2009

pvp20090112 is one of my daily reads.  Try it out.


Free Comics

January 4, 2009

cbgComic book lovers, rejoice!  There are some legit, free digital comic books available online, if you know where to look. has a tradition at the end of each year to publish first issues of some Image comics, and this year is not exception.  They have first issues of War Heroes, Pax Romana, Dead Space, The Mice Templar, Astounding Wolf-Man, Guerillas, I’ll Kill Giants, and Madman Atomic Comics.  Great way to sample some series and see if anything grabs you.  (As a side note, you can get issues 2 & 3 of The Mice Templar as well here, and you can watch the Dead Space Animated Comic on Xbox Live Marketplace.)

Companies like Marvel also offer free digital issues online, as well as a pay subscription service.  Other sites like The Collin’s Compendium of Free Online Comic Books attempt to collate links to free issues all in one place.  And if you are in the mood for some oldies, there are many issues for which the copyright has expired and they are now in the public domain.  Golden Age Comics has quite a few of those.

Some comics are viewable online, while others are downloadable and viewable with Adobe Acrobat Reader.  Some Adobe files are collated together in sequential order in files with the extension of .cbr or .cbz.  These are viewable in programs suce as CDisplay (for Windows) or ComicBookLover (for Mac).

And of course, for some free hard copy, don’t forget to stop by your local comic store in May for Free Comic Book Day.  This year, it’s on May 2nd.

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