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APPRaisal: C64

November 16, 2009

Confession:  I bought the iPod Touch for this app.  Ok, not really, but I thought about it.  Unfortunately, the C64 app got pulled from the iTunes store for violating Apple’s Terms of Service about a week before I got the iPod Touch.  (Why that happened is a story unto itself.)  Manomio revised the emulator and Apple finally approved the re-release last week.

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Commodore 64 Mousepad

October 27, 2009


Just replaced my old nasty mousepad with this one.  Makes me want to Load “*”,8,1.


Real Commodore 64 Laptop

April 5, 2009


I think I’m in love.

I was browsing around tonight rather bored, and surfed to modder Ben Heckendorn’s site to see if he had posted anything new.  Boy did he!  His latest creation is a Commodore 64 laptop with real hardware installed.  It has a C64C motherboard installed, and includes a cartridge slot.  It uses a 1541-III DTV to “emulate” a floppy drive using an SD card.  Pretty slick.  It uses the original keyboard (the function keys are below it instead of to the side) and has an LCD screen that shows some SD card information.  Red LED indicatiors.  Volume slider.  And a Gamecube power supply instead of the notoriously janky original style.


Check out the whole build with more pictures and video at  I want one, Ben.  I need one.  Much much better than the Windows-based Commodore laptop.


C64 lands on the U.S. Wii Virtual Console

February 23, 2009


Seems like only a year ago when I was lamenting the fact that the European Virtual Console was getting Commodore 64 games… wait, it WAS a year ago, almost ot the day.  Well, it’s time for the U.S. to get in on that sweet C64 action.  According to Nintendo today:

The other big news this week is the hotly anticipated launch of Commodore 64 game titles on Virtual Console. Starting with two classic martial arts games and an awesome car racing title, we’re thrilled to add yet another old-school gaming platform to the mix. Virtual Console already offers classic games that originally appeared on a variety of platforms, and with the addition of Commodore 64, Wii owners can expect even more vintage games to rediscover and enjoy. 

The titles added this week are The Last Ninja, International Karate and Pitstop II, and they are $5 each.  Can’t say as those are among my list of favorites, but this news makes me a happy, happy camper.

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Commodore 64 on your Phone

January 26, 2009

Yeah, okay, I can’t resist a story about my beloved C64.  This video above has been widely spread around by Engadget, Boy Genius Report and other places, and I couldn’t resist linking it as well.  It’s of someone using the emulator Frodo to play Commodore 64 games on their Nokia S60.  Sweet.

I recently tried setting up my C64 at home again in a space I cleared, but I had video issues with it.  I think a chip must be going out.  *sadness*  I’ll have to shop around for a used one somewhere.  But hey, on the bright side, I have an empty space for something else!  How often does that happen!  (At my place… almost never.)

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Papercraft Friday #18: Foldskool Heroes

December 5, 2008


If you look back over my previous Papercraft Friday segments, you’ll see that I’m not really keen on the boxy figure style of papercraft.  The kind where you take your favorite TV or movie character and turn him into a square papercraft, usually cut from a single sheet of paper.  But these little console and computer ones are right up my alley, particularly when it comes to all things Commodore, so I couldn’t pass them up.

You can get them, and other one-sheet papercraft, at


Commodore Laptop

September 3, 2008

I soooo want one.  I know, it’s just a Windows-based machine with Commodore branding, but… but… *sigh* I’m hopeless.

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