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Favorite Daily Sites #4: Amazon Deal of the Day

December 22, 2008


One of my must-see sites each day is the Video Games Deal of the Day.  Many people are familiar with the Gold Box deals, which has daily deals and timed specials, but gamers know that if you want a good deal, you need to catch the Video Games Deal of the Day early, and catch it early!  Good deals are known to sell out in the morning, and there are frequently good deals to be had.

My brother and I will frequently IM each other “Amazon DOTD?” when we want each other’s take on a given daily deal.  If you’re a gamer, add it to your bookmarks.


Favorite Daily Sites #3: Real Life

December 16, 2008

reallifeWebcomics are a staple of my daily rounds.  So in no particular order, I offer up Real Life by Greg Dean.  Updated every weekday, Real Life follows the day to day life of a fictional, yet remarkably familiar, protagonist named… Greg Dean, his wife Liz, and a cast of regular characters.  The comic fits in a class of comics sometimes referred to as “reality comics,” although events in the comic range from real life incidents to wildly outlandish events like teleportation, sci-fi battles, and time travel.  You can find it at


Favorite Daily Sites #2: Sexy Videogameland

December 11, 2008


Continuing my installment on favorite websites I check out on a daily basis (usually as I eat my morning breakfast), I bring you Sexy Videogameland.  No, this isn’t some Topless Wii site (not even gonna link it… get your mind out of the gutter!).  Quite the opposite, it’s actually one of the more intelligent gaming blogs around.  It is the blog of game journalist Leigh Alexander, who is news director of the industry news site Gamasutra and freelancer to Destructiod, The Escapist, etc etc.  Contrary to some of the news spewing rumor mill sites, SVGL offers up insightful commentary on videogames and the gaming world.  It’s nice to read a videogame focused website that offers thoughtful discourse without the lol pwned Wii sux noob mentality.  Leigh posts pretty consistently, and she usually has something to say when she does.

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