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Ut phoenix, ex cineribus resurgam

October 10, 2010

Like the Phoenix, I will rise again

Life called, and I answered.  Every year, when summer winds down and fall ramps up, I feel steamrolled by stuff to do.  Work has been busier than usual, and when I haven’t been at work it seems like I haven’t paused for a moment.  At one point I was at home for 36 hours out of 280.  While I haven’t made any progress on my Phoenix model, there has been some fun and games.  I spent a week having and awesome time with Justin and Becky, doing things like playing Castle Ravencroft, attending a ren faire, going to the world’s largest arcade, and stalking Stephen King’s house.  I messed around quite a bit with the Caanoo.  The kids are running us ragged to soccer and scouts and everything in between.  We raised over $1600 for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation and participated in their local annual event.  I played and beat Metroid: Other M and Halo: Reach (solo Heroic … and now about 1/3 thru solo Legendary).  And we ditched the Blackberry’s and got new Android phones (a T-Mobile G2 for me and a MyTouch 3G Slide for the wifey).

The long and short of it is that I haven’t spent any time with the blog, which has been bugging me.  I’ve been thinking about some modifications I’d like to make, though.  I’ve also been setting up the G2 with the thought of how I can best integrate it with the blog.  No radical changes, but there may be some tests as I get things up to speed again.


Bioshock 2 Blacklight Posters

February 25, 2010

I just love this kind of stuff.  I posted unboxing photos of the Bioshock 2 Special Edition, including the three posters in the set.  What JRock on the 2K message boards discovered, two weeks after the game was released, was that if you shine a UV blacklight on the posters, there are hidden messages!  What’s written on them is what is scrawled on the posters in the actual game.

2K’s Community Manager, 2K Elizabeth, responded to the forum thread with “Well, would you look at that.  ”  That’s awesome.

Forum member Lotus52 posted pics and vids to photobucket.  See the pics after the jump.

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Star Ship (Enterprise) Chandelier

November 12, 2009


If I had a wad of cash and more ceiling-based lighting in the house, I would be all over this.  Wait, there is that one spot…

$189 from (via Geekologie)


Commodore 64 Mousepad

October 27, 2009


Just replaced my old nasty mousepad with this one.  Makes me want to Load “*”,8,1.


Zork: The Musical

September 30, 2009


Posted by Corey Doctorow at BoingBoing:

Phil sez, “Errol and Pifie, two members of the 50 Songs in 90 Days songwriting challenge (known as 50/90) have created a nerd-core masterpiece. A rockin’ walkthrough to the original ZORK text adventure game.”

Walkthrough, MP3 download (Thanks, Phil!)



Code Monkey Got Zombie

September 28, 2009


I missed this post on Scott Johnson’s Extra Life website late last Friday.  Very cool.  Jonathan Coulton should license it for a t-shirt or something.  Click the pic above or the website link to see the full picture.

My bro and I went to see Coulton live a couple of weeks ago.  Very good show, I’d recommend you go if you have a chance.


The Guild – Do You Wanna Date My Avatar?

August 18, 2009

They finally released The Guild song/video “Do You Wanna Date My Avatar?” that debuted at Comic-Con last month.

The song is available for purchase on and and the video on iTunes.  Season 3 of The Guild starts August 25th on Xbox Live.

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