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3rd Doctor Sonic Screwdriver

October 10, 2010

Qik video test


Doctor Who Time Squad – The Master

March 11, 2010

British toy company Character Options released a series of Doctor Who figures called Time Squad, which are similar to the Star Wars Galactic Heroes toys made by Hasbro.  The released a set called the End of Time series (or sometimes Series 2) that consists of 6 figures.  Each Collect & Build figure package has a piece of The Master in it, and if you get all 6 you can put him together.  See the photos of the set, which includes the Tenth Doctor, an Ood, a Weeping Angel, a Sontaran, a Cyberman, and a Clockwork Man, as well as the completed figure of the Master, after the break.

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LEGO Night: 21003 Seattle Space Needle

February 3, 2010

We picked up the 21003 Seattle Space Needle LEGO set when we were in Seattle, Washington last year, at the Space Needle gift store, and finally got around to building it.  It’s part of the Landmark series of LEGO Architecture sets.

It’s not a terribly complicated LEGO set, being only 57 pieces.  Though it says on the back of the box that it’s 8.7 inches tall, I visualized it being a bit bigger.  But it was kind of fun to see how they realized the look of the Space Needle with a limited amount of pieces.

One thing that was interesting is you actually cut the long curvy leg bits down to a specific size before threading them in.  I don’t recall having to cut a LEGO piece before (not that I’m an expert by any means!).

More photos of the box and the completed set below.

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LEGO Night: 20009 Star Wars AT-TE Walker

January 27, 2010

Our build this week is the LEGO BrickMaster set 20009 AT-TE Walker from Star Wars: The Clone Wars.  It’s a 94 piece set that pretty much fits in the palm of your hand (well, if you have a large hand).  Consequently it has a lot of small pieces.  But for such a small model, it has a lot of moving parts.  The legs move, the top cannon swivels and the circular side hatches filp up.  Not a bad little set.  Pics of the completed set after the jump.

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LEGO Night: 7468 Saturn V Moon Mission

February 11, 2009

lego-7468Our second build was a bit more involved, but not altogether complicated.  It was the 7468 Saturn V Moon Mission set.  The set comes with four small seperate models:  the Saturn V rocket, the command/service module, the lunar module (LEM), and the lunar rover.  A total of 178 pieces, plus lots of stickers.

While I wouldn’t go so far as to say that the set was mega accurate, it was still pretty fun to see the pieces come together.  I’d say the LEM is by far the funnest thing to play with.  The only thing missing that should have been included is an astronaut or two.  Why build a lunar rover and then have no astronauts to put in it?  Overall a fun small set.  Final build pics after the break.

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LEGO Night: 20007 Star Wars Republic Attack Cruiser

February 2, 2009


We have lots of LEGO sets big and small, but don’t seem to make the time to build them.  So we decided to try to institute a “LEGO night” each week to work through some of them.  We started off small, with the LEGO Brickmaster magazine exclusive, the 20007 Republic Attack Cruiser from Star Wars: The Clone Wars.  It was a very simple 84 piece set, and when built fits in the palm of your hand.  My son wants to hang it from his ceiling.  Pictures of the completed mini set after the break.

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Speak & Spell

January 3, 2009

speakspellI saw a link on Kotaku the other day to an interview on Vintage Computing and Gaming with one of the creators of the Speak & Spell, and finally got around to reading it.  Very interesting read!

The initial focus groups were interesting: it was never clear that they really understood how appealing a talking product would be to a small child. The first demonstration to the president and the board of directors was interesting — they thought it was being sold too cheap!

The Texas Instruments Speak & Spell was awesome.  I was actually looking to pick up a nice one on eBay for the kids not too long ago.  There are also a couple of cool Speak  & Spell Simulators online.  I can’t believe it’s 30 years old… I’m dating myself.

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