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Books Read in 2010

December 31, 2010

My book list this year is rather short this year.  As I said previously, I decided not to listen to any audiobooks this year, and I really didn’t concentrate too much on reading anything early in the year.  I’ve been making up for it the second half of the year, but it makes for a small list.


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Game Impressions: Alan Wake

July 27, 2010


It’s no surprise that I would gravitate towards a game whose first spoken words are “Stephen King.”  But that doesn’t mean I will automatically like it.  Alan Wake is a psychological thriller action adventure game developed by Remedy Entertainment (aka the folks behind the Max Payne series) and published by Microsoft Game Studios.  It follows the story of thriller novelist Alan Wake, whose vacation trip to Bright Falls in the Pacific Northwest is cut short by the disappearance of his wife and the strange, supernatural events surrounding it.  So was the story a sleeper, or did I have no trouble staying A. Wake?

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