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Game Impressions: Singularity

August 9, 2010


When you “borrow” heavily from two of the most popular and highly acclaimed games in recent history, you have to be prepared for the inevitable comparisons.  If your game does not do the things those games did at least as well if not better, your audience can’t help but notice.  So does Singularity hold up to the big boys it tries to emulate?

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Game Impressions: Bioshock 2

March 31, 2010


Few games make an actual lasting impression on me.  I may enjoy them immensely at the time, and remember them fondly, but press me for details and I won’t be able to produce many.  The original Bioshock is one of those rare gems that captivated my imagination and has stuck with me.  I love the concept, the art deco look, Big Daddies and Little Sisters and madness and mayhem under the sea.  I think my appreciation of it actually rose from the time I wrote the Game Impressions on it to present.  So it was with both longing and trepidation that I approached the release of Bioshock 2.  Could the Electro Bolt plasmid strike twice?

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Papercraft Friday #74: Bioshock Big Daddy

February 5, 2010

Are you ready to be a Big Daddy?  2K Games is releasing Bioshock 2 next week, the long anticipated follow-up to the 2007 hit Bioshock.  I was a big fan of the original Bioshock, and made it my #2 game of 2007.  This time, you ARE a Big Daddy!  Get into the mindset of a Big Daddy by building a paper one, complete with Little Sister (not pictured).  Download it via Chamoo232’s  Papercraft Archive.

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Free Music

December 24, 2008

musicnotes1I am strangely fascinated by game music.  I think it’s a very underrated music genre.  People think of game music as the Mario theme or Zelda theme, but some game music over the last 10-15 years have been orchestral masterworks.  I find many things that are peaceful to listen to in the background while working or just relaxing at home.

It’s sometimes difficult to track down official soundtracks, and they are usually not cheap.  You can find some music for free (and legit) online if you pay attention though.  For instance, you can still download the main theme from the new Tomb Raider Underworld game from Academy Award Winning composer Troels Folmann’s website.  Have a listen:

You can also still get the Bioshock orchestral score from 2kGames website, as I first mentioned back in 2007.  The (soon-to-be-remade ) The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay soundtrack is available at GameSpot (might require a free login).

If you’ve never thought about listening to game music outside of the actual game, give some of this free music a try.  You might find that you have a passion for game music that extends beyond the controller.

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