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Books Read in 2010

December 31, 2010

My book list this year is rather short this year.  As I said previously, I decided not to listen to any audiobooks this year, and I really didn’t concentrate too much on reading anything early in the year.  I’ve been making up for it the second half of the year, but it makes for a small list.


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Halo 2600

August 3, 2010

From Al over at AtariAge:

Halo, one of the decade’s most renowned video game franchises, has finally found a home on the Atari 2600! In this special version of Halo, you play the role of Master Chief as he battles his way through 64 screens! Locate weapons and power-ups that will help you defeat increasingly aggressive enemies! Watch for special Shield power-ups that will give you a second chance when engaging an onslaught of Elites!

Halo 2600 was programmed by Ed Fries in just 4K of space. We’ve made this new game freely available for you to enjoy in your favorite emulator or on real hardware via devices such as the Harmony Cartridge. You can download the game from this thread as well as discuss the game with its creator, Ed Fries. We made a limited number of Halo 2600 cartridges available for those attending the Classic Gaming Expo this weekend! The carts are adorned with a beautiful label designed by Mike Mika.

Do you have what it takes to tackle the four different zones and infiltrate the Covenant base? Can you reach and defeat the final boss? Humanity is counting on you!


The Classic Gaming Expo was this past weekend.  Anyone pick up an extra cartridge for me?

You can also play Halo 2600 via online emulator and comment on it over at the Halo 2600 Facebook page.


Lord of Ultima in not MY Ultima

January 28, 2010

EA has no idea what to do with their intellectual properties.  Electronic Arts purchased and subsequently decimated developer Origin Systems Inc, wasting the opportunities it had with all of the IP’s that Origin developed throughout the 80s and early 90s.   Then in 2008, EA gives us the awful top-down, 2D space combat game that they slapped the words Wing Commander onto to try to lure old fans of the quality 3D Wing Commander series to purchase it.  For shame!

But now, they’ve done it again!

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The Nintendo Dilemma

January 27, 2009


I’ve started and deleted this post several times, because I’ve been having a hard time collating my thoughts into a coherent post.  I probably won’t succeed this time either.  But I keep having this nagging jumble of thoughts that I need to get out.  It’s gonna be a long ride.  It’s about what I like to call The Nintendo Dilemma.

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Halo makes you steal money

December 17, 2007


By age 24, she had been married, given birth to a son, gotten a divorce, filed for bankruptcy and tried to make extra cash as a model. By age 22, he had played plenty of the computer game Halo, and found a job at an armored car company.

As a couple, they lived a quiet life in the upstairs of an 80-year-old brick house with giant, gnarled sycamores in the front yard.

They also loved to play Dungeons & Dragons, and now they’re accused of a plot as far outside the realm of their ordinary lives as that fantasy role-playing game.

Federal prosecutors say Nicole Boyd, boyfriend Roger Lee Dillon, and his mom, Sharon Lee Gregory — none of whom had a criminal record — stole $7.4 million in cash and checks from Armored Transportation Systems in nearby Liberty where he had worked as a driver for about nine months.

What the hell does playing Halo or liking D&D have to do with stealing money?  Oh yeah, videogames make people do all kinds of crimes.  And Dungeons and Dragons, well that’s been a staple media target since the 70’s, long before videogames became the new evil.


Master Chief Papercraft

September 25, 2007

Master Chief

In honor of National Halo Day, here’s a highly detailed Master Chief papercraft to make. You know, when you aren’t playing Halo 3.

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