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Netflix for Wii Case Cover Art

April 13, 2010

Getting that shiny new disc in the mail this week for instant streaming Netflix on your Wii? I got it today and gave it a try.  Works pretty well on the little console that could.  Better than on the PS3 for standard def streaming and load times!

You don’t need to return the disc, so print yourself a nice Netflix Wii-style case cover from The Cover Project, grab a white DVD case (or buy empty cases from Nintendo if you are a perfectionist), and put that disc in your game library in style.  If you have a PS3 disc, you can do the same for it with a Netflix PS3 case cover.

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APPraisal: SIRIUS XM Premium Online

April 5, 2010

I only do APPraisals on apps I personally found interesting or useful enough to try.  I don’t always end up liking every app, but I don’t buy or download something just to review it.  I was hesitant to discuss the SIRIUS XM Premium Online app, though, because it requires a subscription on top of the app which can be a bit pricey.  But given how much I use the app (a spoiler to what I think of it below), I figured a discussion of it and the ways I use it might be appropriate.  Someone else out there might get some tips or have some for me as well.

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